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Mt. Shasta, California!

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HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing® Instructional Classes for Couples in Orange County

Classes are held in series of five weekly classes meeting for 2.5hrs each week for a total of 12hrs of instruction for couples. Class tuition includes The HypnoBirthing® Book, Relaxation CD and scripts/class handouts.

Tuition per couple for group classes: $275 Private classes per couple $375

Pre-registration and payment is required in full in advance and is non-refundable 2 weeks prior to start of class series. All credit card payments are accepted through Paypal here.

Class sizes are limited. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required upon registration one month prior to class. The book and CD are mailed once deposit and registration is received prior to beginning class.

See Classes & Events page for class schedules and payment options.


HypnoBirthing® is as much a philosophy as it is a technique. It is a rewarding, relaxing, stress-free method of birthing that is based on the belief that babies should come into the world in an atmosphere of gentility, calm and joy. When a mother is properly prepared for birthing physically, mentally and spiritually, she can experience that sort of joy, birthing her baby in an easier, more comfortable, and often pain free manner. Through a well-thought out program of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, special breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations, and education, HypnoBirthing® returns to a woman the art of birthing in a way that allows her to summon her natural birth instincts and to birth her baby in safety and with ease.

HypnoBirthing® is based on the belief that severe discomfort does not need to be a natural accompaniment of birthing when a woman is properly prepared and trusts her birthing body.


The HypnoBirthing® Advantage-

1. Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome before, during and after birthing.

2. Reduces amd often eliminates the need for chemical anesthesia, episiotomy and other interventions.

3. Lessens fatigue during labor, leaving the mother fresh, awake, and energized as she brings her baby into the world.

4. Shortens the thinning and opening phase of labor by several hours and allows the birthing mother to      utilize the natural pulsations of her body to breathe her baby down to the crowning stage, rather than      pushing for long, exhausting peiods of time. Reduces risk of damage to the pelvic floor.

5. Brings the mother, the baby and the birthing companion together in a wonderful prenatal, perinatal   and postnatal bonding experience.

6. The birthing partner is an integral part of the birthing, not an onlooker.

7. Special breathing almost entirely eliminates postnatal discomfort and "baby blues".

8. Babies are better adjusted and happier, resulting in better eating and sleep routines.

9. Mothers don't run the risk of hyperventilating from shallow breathing.

10. Birthing is returned to the safe, beautiful, peaceful experience that Nature intended


Details of HypnoBirthing® Classes

  • Your own copy of the 302-page HypnoBirthing® Text, HypnoBirthing®-- The Mongan Method
  • 5 information-packed class meetings, helping you to understand why labor doesn't have to hurt
  • 5 professionally written scripts for your home practice
  • 2 CDs for your relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding (Including the program cornerstone disk, Rainbow Relaxation)
  • Handouts for planning your Birth Preferences
  • A set of Birth Prompts for your birth Companion
  • Demonstration and practice in optimal birth positions
  • Hypnotic sessions in building birth confidence and eliminating fears
  • A Guide to good pregnancy nutrition
  • Several deep relaxation techniques for use during birthing, plus
  • Well-paced instruction designed to build your confidence and help you to have a safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing
  • Special calm breathing methods for use throughout labor and during birthing
  • Private instruction if desired
  • Small classes for personal attention
  • Body toning exercises and practice
  • The advantage and confidence of the Mongan Method reputation for top-quality birthing preparation  




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