Depression, suicidal thoughts? Free Healing!

Tis the be Merry, of mirth, peace & joy.... and unfortunately depression and suicide. A combination of factors contribute to high rates of depression and suicide in the holiday and winter season. From S.A.D., Seasonal Affect Disorder; lack of sunlight literally affects the chemicals released in our brains that result in feeling depressed and mood swings, to loss of loved ones or no family to financial pressure during this season of expected "giving".
Most importantly is lack of access to help and resources or alternatives to being medicated. Fact is that there is a great spiritual issue taking place that needs to be addressed. This is a mind, body AND spirit issue without a doubt!

I have been strongly guided to reach out and in the spirit of this season of giving I am offering assistance with Aiya Light Energy at no charge to anyone who finds themselves or friends and loved ones depressed and or having suicidal thoughts. This energy will be sent to activate light, raise frequency, activating heart healing, remove negative energies and restore optimism & peace of mind.

I work with a quantum based light energy called The Aiya Activation and as such can send light energy to anyone anywhere in the world as this energy knows no time or space. You can learn more about it at

Just go to link below and fill out form. Be sure to include where you are located... city, state, country with first name, middle initial and last name of you or the recipient. I then will email you directions in PDF on how to receive healing energy.
All information is 100% private and confidential and never shared! I simply need to know to whom the energy is going in order to activate the quantum connection.

The Observer Effect Series - Part One

I am a seeker of truth and knowledge. As such I believe that “truth” is a multidimensional prism through which ALL truths exist simultaneously and are confirmed by the one seeking as The Observer. I recently wrote a book calledQuantum Odyssey, A Metaphysical Perspective of Earth Changes, Ancient Prophecies and The Shift of 2012. As a certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or QHHT, my research for my book was based on answers provided through Dolores Cannon’s method of QHHT through which her book series, The Convoluted Universe, was produced. I placed two people into hypnosis using QHHT and then asked a series of questions as they related to our collective experience of The Shift of 2012 as well as to address, obtain a metaphysical perspective as to how to prepare and manage ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in these trying times of political, spiritual and physical change in a simple and straight forward way.

Daily we are bombarded with bad news and lack of solutions to what is plaguing us on a worldwide scale. Why is does only bad news make the mainstream media news? Even alternative news now leads with stories of war and terrorists threats, global economic collapse, global warming, pandemic health threats, pollution of our oceans and air, chemtrails, acceleration of natural disasters, GMO’s in our food supply, etc. Honestly, it’s a nonstop feed of the three D’s… Death, Destruction and Denial. In a world of bad news we really have to search for hope and the answers to these problems. While I believe its imperative to first identify the problem before you can implement a solution, I find we are heavily weighted in the bombardment of problems and very light in the solutions and hope department. This is what inspired me to conduct my research project, to provide hope and empowerment to people in this great time of need and great time of change.

One of the insights that was brought forth during my research project was, “What we stand against we actually EMPOWER“. This lends itself directly to The Observer Effect and has inspired me with a whole new expanded perspective as to our role in society and the world at large. It is a metaphysical solution for mind, body and spirit that everyone, regardless of religious and cultural background, age, education or location can implement instantly! For the most part, all any one person can do at any given time is change and control themselves in order to affect change around them and the world. Change truly does begin with one, WITHIN one!

Simplest definition of The Observer Effect as it relates to human beings and their place in the world is that as observers of any situation, we have a direct result on the outcome by projecting our expectations as to the results. This has been demonstrated in controlled experiments in Quantum Physics, where two groups of people were given the task of having two different expectations of the outcome of an experiment they were witnessing. Researchers were indeed astonished to discover that the results were effected by the expectations of the observers and they did indeed produce two different results.

According to Science Daily, “Quantum Theory Demonstrated: Observation Affects Reality. In Rehovot, Israel, February 26, 1998, One of the most bizarre premises of quantum theory, which has long fascinated philosophers and physicists alike, states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality.

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have now conducted a highly controlled experiment demonstrating how a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed. The experiment revealed that the greater the amount of “watching,” the greater the observer’s influence on what actually takes place.”

-Science Daily February 26, 1998.

Based on this principle, I do truly believe that is why some people cannot recreate psychic phenomenon in the presence of controlled experiments of scientists because so many of the scientists with their scientific bias and demand of empirical data are skeptics at heart. They are there to disprove the existence of such phenomenon versus being objective and open minded to the possibilities, thus trying to prove that they are right. This directly effects the outcome of the control study and such the scientists “get” to be right because they altered the outcome by projecting their expectations!

I then considered this from a metaphysical point of view and I became enthralled as to the extent to which this Quantum Theory principle can be applied to very nearly every aspect of our lives mentally, physically and spiritually. This incredible insight illuminates the principle that as Observers, what we stand AGAINST, even just mentally, we actually EMPOWER! It sounds so simple but the most profound answers often are…we just prefer convoluted complicated answers!

We are literally thought generators of energy, both positive and negative, that affect EVERYTHING around us. If we do not want war we are not to get angry and outraged and protest against war because on the metaphysical level we are actually generating tremendous amounts of unseen energy and thought forms that directly fuel the war machine and those in it. If we do not want war we must stand for its opposite…Peace. Place all of your focus and energy on peace. What does peace mean? How might one promote peace?

Think of it as activating and sending negative energy. Energy is energy…period. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed..only directed and transmuted. As Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” In metaphysical terms, we cannot solve a problem by lowering ourselves to the energy we oppose. We cannot fight hate with hate. We cannot fight war with more war. This is like fighting fire with gasoline. The Observer Effect is without a doubt empowering everyone on the planet to be co-creators versus victims because if we are not part of the solution we ARE actually part of the problem!

Now here is the good news and where it gets soooo incredibly exciting and so very empowering!!! The principles of The Observer Effect can affect and be applied to: health and wellbeing of your mind body and spirit, parenting and child rearing, promotions and business development, relationships, world events, earth changes and more!

Virtually anything and everything you can think of you are a direct component and co- creator of the outcome!

With this series of The Observer Effect articles you will learn how to become a co-creator and affect change in:

  • social and political change worldwide
  • your business environment and your business success
  • your personal relationships
  • your child’s behavior
  • your pets behavior and training
  • your physical wellbeing, self-healing and performance enhancement,
  • expand intellectual and mental acuity
  • expand your consciousness and your extra sensory perception skills
  • even change the nutritional and energetic components of your food and water!


Contributor now at My Empower World!


I very excited and honored to announce that I have been asked to be a contributor on My Empowered World!

An amazing site that offers information on transformational tools for living! I'll be writing my first series of articles titled The Observer Effect, exploring on how we are co-creators of our reality in all areas of our lives and how to tap into one's greatest potential based on those principles!



Awakening WITHIN

Hi Everyone!
I am really enjoying reading everyone's insights and experiences here as we experience
The Shift and Awakening.
One thing that I think is so important to point out and this "event" of awakening is just
that. It is an AWAKENING that takes place WITHIN ourseleves not outside of ourselves!
For those I read here and many other sites..."I'll believe when I SEE's probably
never going to happen..,..just more new age nonsense... March came and went and once again Nothing happened!" etc.
I do understand wanting to experience a miraculous transformation for ourselves and our planet that are in turmoil and weary of the status quo that has been in place for so long.
However...The change/The Awakening/The Shift is taking place INSIDE of us! While it may come
with a flash of blue light or what have you, we need to go within ourselves mentally,
physically and spiritually to sense this, to realize AWAKEN. This is a SPIRITUAL awakening of YOUR spirit.
It is not incumbent on everyone around you to wake you or anybody else up. 
Everyone awakens in their own way and own time whether it be from ones nightly
slumber or the perpetual slumber in our waking moments.
That's why received information from QHH and other metaphysical modalities abounds with
messages of...get in your body..meditate..purify your diet..drink more water, as water
conducts electricity! This will allow the conduction the higher frequencies within us, this will allow for us to be in tune and aware of the shift taking place on the planet.
This is so we can be aware of a new reality versus waiting to be told there is a new one.
We need to stop looking for outside events/groups/gurus/mainstream media in order to
witness evolution of the spirit. The excerpt from my research sessions is shared with the
intent of providing introspection ones self and how they might be experiencing this time
frame mentally, physically, spiritually.
It is not to mark the calendar, sit back and wait for that date and expect the world and
everyone around you to be suddenly transformed.
As each one of us realizes our own evolution we then pass it on through our actions of
awareness and help awaken those still in slumber or fear. This IS how transformation will take place on Earth.
The reported perspective of the shift of awakening taking place in March 2013 was indicated as a beginning point of the light transformation where people would greatly be aware of a transformation taking place. Transormation is a process not a one day end all be all event and not everyone will be transformed and "aware" all at the same time.
Like 12/21/12, I as many others felt a tremendous energy coming in. My 6th chakra/third eye felt as if it was spinning and physically I felt kind of overwhelmed by the intense energy. I never did believe that the world so going to end on this day yet I did believe there would be a shift of some sort. Many people recognised a difference in the energy field around them yet many were outraged because "nothing happened".
Any and all of these events of Awakening and The Shift have been taking place well over the last 20 yrs but are intensifying in this time period. If it happened all at once to us, it is theorised that it would most would not survive such an instant and radical shift in frequency and their perception of "reality".
It has been coming in in doses to gradually prime our mind, body and spirit from greater transformation to come.
It's been wonderful receiving email from people all over the world as my blog/excerpt
was shared on over 400 blogs world wide. So far it has been translated into Korean, Italian, Czech, Portugese, German and people are visting this blog and reposting it all over the entire globe!
People are reporting seeing blue light in their meditations, during healing work over their clients and in the room, while diving inremote areas seeing this blue light over the water, many many people reporting feeling an extreme radiant warmth over their face and head while the body remains cool at all
times of day and night. So many people are reporting back to me seeing everything in their field of vision morphing...from waving lines and shaking to objects disappearing and reappearing as quickly as they can turn around. Many are also reporting tremendous pressure in their heads especially in the center crown chakra and the third eye 6th chakra area accompanied with tingling sensation like effervescence.
Many people reported the energy in March 2013 was so intense they thought they were going to come out of their skin!
I have personally experienced all of the above, it was so exciting to read people all over our planet were having the same expereinces at the same time!
It is a process each of us experiences on our own and unique to the individual. The excerpt even states that not everyone will be aware of this light energy at the same time...its not the flip of a light
switch DING sudden enlightenment, sudden transformation without the work, awareness and introspection and allowing yourself to recognize something different.
Action activates the Law of Attraction. Be the change you are seeking! Change starts with one, WITHIN one!
It is only through this that we will see an evolutionary leap of consciousness take place and our world transformed!
Blessings to all!





Quantum Dreams match Quantum Sessions!


Another excerpt from Quantum Odyssey the book.

This was a profound dream I had about five months prior to learning of a fellow practitioner in England had a client in session talking about the upcoming Earth changes. My dream and his QHH session were virtually the exact same imagery! I felt it important to explore as a part of the book and how it might relate to the coming Shift and New Earth. The answers were nothing less than extraordinary!


 Visions of the Earth and Sky Breaking Into Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces


M is QHH interviewer/ Mindy and G is the respondent/client 

M: You had mentioned that we would be receiving dreams with relevant information pertaining to these sessions. Another QHH practitioner in England had a client during a session mention the coming earth changes. He saw the Earth being broken into jigsaw puzzle pieces as part of these coming Earth changes. I had a dream where I saw the sky broken into these same jigsaw puzzle pieces. Where the sky in the middle of the day broke apart to reveal a black star lit sky and the blue sky of day floated about on this night sky as jigsaw puzzle pieces. The birds flew in and out, back and forth through the blue sky puzzle pieces and the night sky. That I knew to be a sign that it wasn’t destructive or cataclysmic in nature because if so the birds would probably be the first to go. I was trying to get the people around me to look up and take notice but everybody’s heads were down and preoccupied. This too was a message from our daily lives where people don’t look up any more when they are outdoors. They walk looking down, they sit looking down, and even when they are with one another they talk to each other looking down! It’s everywhere! All mesmerized and distracted by their devices!

 It was such an odd yet vivid dream and I was astonished to read that a gentleman in England had this same vision from a different perspective of things to come in his QHH session. Is there information as to what we both were witnessing?

G: Two things to be aware of. One, being in that seeing pieces of a world behind your world, pieces of a world of color and vibrant behind a dark monochromatic expression speaks to a certain character of reality, that sparks to the idea that there’s a world, flashes, pieces or glimpses of a world behind the hum drum mundane world that you exhibit. Sometimes you are privileged to see those pieces and with those pieces you might have the opportunity to construct a portion of a newer more vibrant world.

In the case of a world that is not flat pieces of puzzles or a plane but more of a sphere. Seeing things in pieces of puzzles of that way speaks on the one hand of the complexity of building a world where all the pieces fit and at the same time reminds you that a world that can be built! That you can have something that seems to be made of many different pieces but really is made of one thing. All of those component pieces are part of the one, are all part of the whole and eventually indistinguishable from it. There are many other valid interpretations of this message that was revealed but we are thinking that these two particular interpretations will be of the most help to the persons requesting.


Part Two  Archangel Metatron providing the answers

In this segment out of curiosity I asked if we could make contact and speak with AA Metatron. Metatron had announced that he was part of the source of he information we were bringing forth for humanity during the first segment of the book research. Metatron is known to be the keeper of the Akashic records and God's scribe, second only to God as the throne beside God.

Metatron came in to answer questions in this second session with her. The temperature in my office went up by 6 degrees and 4% humidity ( I track these things as I have noticed these fluxuations during my sessions) The energy and presence was so strong I could barely keep my eyes open, in fact I had them closed more often than not. I felt as if I was under hypnosis myself!

It was beyond powerful and awe-inspiring!

M is Mindy/interviewer  E is respondent/client

M: …about the dream I had is where I saw the day sky shatter apart and became jigsaw puzzle pieces of blue sky with white clouds suspended and floating about on a night sky with stars. The birds were flying into and out of these day sky pieces to the night sky. I knew as I watched this that it wasn't catastrophic because the birds were just going with the flow and immediately adapting unharmed and unphased by it.

 E: Yes, there is going to be a restructuring of your Earth. However it is not to be feared. This Earth that you now call home is not operating as it was intended to operate. So for you it would seem that in actuality the puzzle is being broken a part but in actuality the puzzle is being put back together. The pieces are not in the correct order at this present time. And there is a time coming when the pieces will be put back together in the right order.

This is a prophetic dream that you have had. This is prophecy. This is your awareness connecting to the one mind. This is you being what we might call being tapped in. This is so you will not be afraid.

I would like to remind you that this information is for you because you are a leader and there will be people who come to you for information and not just for information but for a sense of security. I ask that you use this information wisely. There will be some who are not ready for this information and there will be some that are. I encourage you to use your discernment.

You will begin to have many more dreams as will many others who are tuned in, as we may call it. The dreams will prepare you for the shift that is coming and that is happening now. There is what is called a metamorphosis happening, and in that metamorphosis you will have many dreams. You will have lucid dreaming. This is part of connecting to the one mind. I know there are many times the talk of writing the book… please be aware of what you write and how you disclose it and who the information is distributed to.

M:  Yes, I understand. Can you expand on that a little more and give advice how this information should be presented?

E: There will be leaders who come to you. When I say leaders I am not talking about the president of the United States or leaders like that. I am talking about other leaders who you might say are light workers that will know how to digest and prepare with this information. That is a good place to start. There will be some dreams that you will have that I advise not to put in the book. You will know which ones they are.

There will be those that you will be able to share feely with. As the information comes in there are those things that are only for you and there are those things that are to be shared.

Do you understand?

M: Yes, I understand.


Interview with Candace Goldman of the Quantum Healing Information Network

Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Information Network is hosted by her QHHT Support Forum Managing Director Candace Craw-Goldman.

In this interview Candace Craw-Goldman and Mindy Mitchell discuss the next great Awakening in March 2013 excerpt from her book Quantum Odyssey as well as some of the physical anomalies people have been experiencing such as dematerialization.


Top Comments

March 2013 The Next Great Event in The Awakening!

Hello Everyone!

I conducted a research project using QHH to obtain more clarity for humanity regarding The Shift and all it entails. My focus was what we would be experiencing and how to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. The information brought forth was truly enlightening especially regarding what the electronic/wireless environments are doing to us!

The book is called Quantum Odyssey by Mindy Mitchell and is available as an ebook  at and at The following is an excerpt from my book regarding the next possible upcoming event of The Awakening.

I wanted to be sure and share this information with everyone as this stated event is to occur this March 2013!  I look forward to sharing our collective experience of this event as it unfolds over the next few months and how it unfolds for each and everyone of us.

As I tell all of my QHH clients, there is no wrong way to have an experience. Each of us are here on our own journey and as such will have a variety of experiences and responses to our lives on Earth. Not all will be aware to the same thing at the same time. Some will recognize change immediately, others slowly but surely, some not at all. 

Below is a segment from an actual Quantum Healing Hypnosis session (QHH) where I explored using QHH as a research tool to go forward into time and ask many of the hot topics that are circulating regarding the new millennium we are moving into and the New Earth..The Ascension...The Shift...The Awakening. 

I don't believe that there is any one truth or reality out there as I believe that the truth and reality exists as a multi-faceted gem. Each facet of the gem provides a different perspective, different from all the other facets. None being more real or greater than the other. We each will experience our reality and truths through different facets of perception.

The more we open ourselves to experiencing a different reality than we have been conditioned to, the more likely we are to evolve and awaken to a New Earth!

The world was absolutely flat for centuries. Until it wasn't......

Remember...keep all THREE eyes open!


M represents me Mindy and E is Ellen the subject.

E: I see a like a moment in time. The only thing I can describe it like…it is like when you flip the switch and the lights go on. There is this incredible blue light! So soft… I see color of blue light and when this light switch goes on the light expands... It is so beautiful! Throughout the whole universe and it’s the coming together of one mind! It so unbelievable!

M: Is this a happening at this time or a future event?

E: It is a future event...and it’s going to happen. The only thing I can think of is a scripture that says "…in the twinkling of an eye" and it’s so amazing!!!! (Spoken with absolute wonder and awe)

M: Is there an earth time when this event will be taking place?

E: It is’s feels now. It’s melting... it doesn’t feel far away.

M: Is this "The Shift" "The Awakening" that’s coming?

E: Yes! It’s all minds coming to together in a split second! It’s so bizarre!

M: Will that event take place on our calendar year of 12-21-12?

E: March 2013

M: When you say ALL minds…Will all human beings experience the same thing or will there be individuals who are unaware of this event?

E: This is so wild! (Experiencing extreme visual and sensory downloads)

Everyone will know. Not everyone will care.

M: Does this correlate with the event known as the second coming of Christ?

E: Yes!

Holy sh**! (…experiencing huge waves of energy and emotion) I wish you could feel what I feel right now!

M: Describe what you are experiencing right now!

E: Gasping. Holy cow. Gasping...oh my god oh my god oh my god! I can’t describe’s like a download where you are all tingly on the outside but this is on the inside...oh my god! Oh geez!  The light is amazing!

M: Is this light what you are experiencing or is it something else?

E: Yes, it’s the light! It’s’s like...I have never seen anything like it! So crazy!

M: So is this second coming of Christ actually the Christ "consciousness" coming back onto the planet?

E: And it’s been building and building. But it’s like it going to...the minds unite! It’s like a moment in time for all of us that have been waiting...Our minds are united!

M: What is the outcome of that when all the minds unite? What does that produce or create?

E: Clarity. Oh geez... it’s like waking up from a dream. The words that are coming up for me is, the ILLUSION is gone! Oh my god its wild!

M: That is very exciting!

E: It affects everybody but there are those still in the illusion and those out of it. It like there’s two groups of people.

M: Is there anything that defines those who are still in the illusion?  Any reason why there are those choosing to stay in the illusion? The reason they have created that reality for themselves?

E: Fear.

M: Is that fear of change or fear anything new? What is that fear of?

E: Fear of knowing!

M: What is it that they don't want to know?

E: That it is ALL an illusion.

M: Are these the people that hold on to the illusion of separateness and hierarchies and power structures?

E: Its attachment to the illusion! (with wonder)… they believe that they are a part of what they see! It’s like a hologram. So wild! They can't see the light; they can't connect because they believe they are the illusion. They believe themselves to be what they are...but that’s not it! It’s like I believe I am a monkey so I appear as a monkey! OH geezzzz!

M: For those that can experience the light and experience this awakening, what is it that they believe? What is it that allows them to see the light and participate and be transformed?

E: They believe. This is sooo weird. They believe that they are not important!! It’s like when you see fish swim together and birds fly together, they all become one yet they are separate. They are individual but one is not more important than the other!... Here comes another wave!

M: I just had a flash of something I have always heard but didn’t understand...Is this what is meant by "the meek shall inherit the Earth"?!!

E: Yes!!

Oh god...ooooooh...(more huge waves of energy are pulsing through her!)  Oh my god I wish you could feel this! It’s like being on a rollercoaster...its sooooo beautiful! I feel so humble (sobbing and tears)

M: So those that don’t experience this are attached to the ego-self? Their importance in the material realm? Those who define themselves and others by the material world? What their car makes them, what their mansions make them, what their bank account makes them?

E: Yes, Yes! But they could also be a poor person who still thinks they are important, it’s not just the rich, and it’s everybody! Everybody who thinks they are more important...It’s a mindset!

M: So anybody who thinks they are more important than their fellow human beings?

E: Yes!

M: Ah ha! That’s powerful, so profound!

M: What else do we need to share with humanity and the average person who maybe reading this. About this event?

E: It’s so weird... it’s "know thy self-know thy neighbor" "know thy self, know thy neighbor". When you know yourself you can truly know your neighbor. But if you are afraid of yourself and don't know yourself, how can you know your neighbor? How can you put yourself in your neighbors shoes of you don’t even know yourself? Each person is important. They are important but not more important than the other. That’s how we are part of the one.

M: What is the time frame for when this uniting of one mind will take place?

E: March 2013. It’s a big month!

M: That is interesting because that somewhat correlates with Hopi prophecy of in this time frame we are in now we will be a door will be opening from the 4th world which we are currently to the 5th world. Is that the door that is opening into the 5th world, also known as the 5th dimension?

E: Yes...oh here come the waves again!

The waves she experienced  equaled validation of absolute  truth!