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Best of Shasta 2014 Mount Shasta

Mindy Mitchell of Quantum Odyssey

Presenting The Aiya Activation
For The Best of Shasta

It is a divinely inspired and divinely delivered new metaphysical light healing modality! It is
a metaphysical energy activation that aligns the mind, body and spirit virtually immediately
and permanently!
Using light codes, sound code frequencies and Christ Consciousness ancient lost knowledge
it activates dormant DNA, repairs & heals the body and expands the consciousness &
awareness, raises each individuals frequency and harness the full potential,
power and healing of the mind, body and spirit!
It was divinely delivered to Mindy over a three year period in prophetic dreams and
meditations and then in a series of energy transmissions virtually every day over the period
of three months. Many of the messages have come in symbols and in over nine different
languages to date of which the majority is in Hebrew, Sanskrit and Latin!
The Aiya Energy Activation is an incredible energy that has been shown to activate cellular
renewal, activate dormant DNA, activate and enhance ESP, repair damaged DNA, repair
cartilage, restore range of motion of arthritic joints, clear etheric attachments, alleviate
depression, returns the vital life force energy and restores the body’s ability to heal itself
and much more!
There is also a very high frequency energy download contained in The Aiya Energy
Activation. This locks in the gears of the mind, body and spirit complexes increases the
individuals frequency which in turn expands one’s ability to tap into their greatest personal
potential. A realization and expansion of consciousness takes place in order to reach the
ultimate awareness and connection with Source/God/Universe!
 What follows is nothing less than extraordinary! It allows one to take command and have
mastership of their lives mentally, physically and spiritually. The balance and proper flow of
vital life force energy is restored and healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit takes place!
Once in total alignment individuals report an immediate sense of relaxation and calm in the
physical and mental body as well as feeling surges of energy activation throughout the body
and immediate relief of aches and pains, mobility restored to injured or arthritic joints!
Many have experienced profound acceleration of ESP skills and a multidimensional
awareness never experienced before!
There is a true realization as to the unlimited greater potential that lies within one’s Mind,
Body and Spirit, a realization of a greater connection to all that is and so much more!
Audience members will be able to directly experience the divine transmission of The Aiya
Activation's light codes and sound codes to raise ones frequency and download of Christ

Visit the booth to experience The Aiya Elixirs and vibrational custom designed pendulums,  Receive free assesment of your auric energy field!

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