Client Testimonials 


"I am absolutely interested in the long distance healing!  I am always open to spiritual experiences. I read the information, it seems very interesting and I don't know why, but while I was reading the website I felt a great connection with the divine, and my crown chakra receiving a lot of energy. Probably because of the high spiritual content of what I was reading, and our connection from our previous session, but anyway it felt wonderful and I take it as a sign to try it."

Love & light,

FB, Brazil


 "It was so enjoyable to talk with you yesterday--thank you for taking all that time.  It was a lot of fun for me to communicate about those things.

The Aiya healing was past anything I could have expected--it came at a time I was really drooping, emotionally.  I felt the bodily sensation of receiving the energy, and that is still with me if I tune into it.  What was amazing, however, is the greatly expanded sense of connection I have to the spiritual realm, my guides, Higher Self, whatever--the sense of separation and aloneness has been significantly lessened. During the healing, and it has stayed with me, is such a sense of connection to spirit and joy that none of the rest matters.  Anyway, this sense of peace and joy is a gift of grace."

Thank you so much,
LS, Idaho



"After consulting the possibility of having my Aiya activation from my angel, before taking my siesta I preceded the intention of receiving the activation with a prayer and added another intention that my right knee plus hopefully my 34-year old low back pain would heal... and started to doze off.

 As I was on my way to wonderland, I felt a muscle twitch at my back, and then felt a strange vibration in some parts of my body. Then my consciousness switched off *LOL*. About an hour passed by and suddenly I dreamed seeing a lot of dying fishes. They were as big as tuna grownup tuna fishes, but somehow to me they were our local gold fishes (we have huge gold fishes about 4 ft weighing 6 lbs). This is strange because I rarely dream, and practically never during my siesta. I was awoken by a sucking and hot energy both my feet. I still feeling the fading heat as I'm typing this email and a slight Kundalini arousal at my Back Heart Chakra and some heat at exactly my lumbar vertebrae where my HNP (slipped disk) is located. .

 Wow... that's the strangest activation I ever had in my entire life, and fantastic *LOL* !!! But don't worry I'm still comfortable. I hope that at least my right knee pain I had for 6 months would heal if not including my lower back pain."

 Thank you Sista. May God Bless you.

 Love, Light & Blessings,

Ismail , Indonesia         

Testimonials For Quantum Energy Channeling & The Aiya Activation


"Here is what I experienced in my mind, body and spirit from QEC and Aiya Activation:

Mind - A better understanding of my business, I've been viewing it from an altitude of ten feet since attending the group session I'm viewing it from ten thousand feet and climbing! My view is expanding. I now realize I haven't even ventured out of my safety zone (didn't realize I was doing that!) and shared my gift with so many more people. I also seem to be more aware of the spirits surrounding me and with this insight I'm better able to have a dialog with them. 

Body - My right wrist had a minor fracture that has healed incorrectly, it can get painful on occasion, but I didn't want to go the surgery route, trying to heal it on my own. Yesterday I could lift weights without that much discomfort compared to working out before Tuesday and it seems as if I am getting full motion rotation in my wrist again. Wednesday morning I was exhausted and couldn't keep my eyes open by mid-morning. I am not exhausted this morning feel normal, just need my coffee, and ready to meditate on what has transpired these past couple of days.

Spirit - I feel more in control with the knowledge and guidance from Tuesday night. I feel my connection to spirit in a more expanded way. Linda was right when she said I was leading with my head rather than my heart and to follow my heart. Something else I didn't realize I was doing. Recently I have noticed my readings were getting deeper with the information I was getting to the clients, I feel now I can go even deeper and give them the validation they need to know that they are truly talking to their loved-ones. One of the areas is getting their loved-one's names, when I first began doing this the name was practically the first thing I got, now I don't get names as much. I asked my guides why this happened and their response was I needed to concentrate on the messages, that was very important for now. I believe I have gone to another level after Tuesday and look to provide a complete package to my clients.

I wanted to thank Mindy and Linda for an amazing night, this past Tuesday, for the activation and the messages, they really put things into perspective for me. I feel honored to have experienced it all. Thank you!

Thank you so very much for last night's extraordinary journey. Thank you also for this assessment, wow I had no idea it would be that quick! I was prepared to work at it. I am still processing what happened last night and was so touched by the messages and the loving patience in how it was shared with me."

Dennis- Orange County

"Dear Mindy,

 I so enjoyed last night, it was a very special moment for all of us.  Thank you, again, for making

the space for such beautiful work. I have been feeling awesome and full of energy today.  I can feel the Aiya energy and the Ma Rasha Sen Rosine energy is so strong. 

 Ps. I loved Linda's energy.  She is a beautiful spirit and the two of you are a great team.


Sena Rose- Orange County


"Dear Mindy and Linda,

I appreciate your invitation to participate in your group reading. Linda did a great job, the openness and working consciousness of the group was very positive, think everyone received the messages they were meant to receive. 

Linda picked up on multipul-levels of consciousness/awareness representing my research, education, and broad personal experience stating the joy she experience in working through the maze of my awareness and consciousness.

Enjoy the Journey was a clear message for me directly and communicating that joy to others not just the facts. My frequency has been raised to the higher state, no need to question or doubt my progress or my journey into the higher levels of consciousness. Now is the time to celebrate within my vibration and experience the joy!

Linda's excitement and energy reaction was key to my understanding my direct impact on others, Now focused on releasing my restraints (no new research needed or required) to lead from the heart in love, based in an authentic working knowledge of our complex human journey/experience."

MD - Orange County



Testimonials For Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

"Thank you so much  Mindy!!! That was one of the smartest things I have ever done, I have been connecting so many dots its unreal.  You were right about the integrating and I am understanding more and more why they showed me all of that by the minute.

I really appreciate all of your insights and you are very talented at this and if you would like a testimonial or anything like that let me know.

I also really enjoyed meeting you, this is all the stuff I am really interested in so it is such a joy to talk to someone that relates and already knows, not so common.

Will likely do this again in a few months once I have applied everything I have learned and am ready.

  Have a wonderful week and THANK YOU again! That was amazing!

Love and Light,

J - Orange County


PS My vibration is also going way up since our meeting!!!  :)  Getting my spirit back...  Grateful!


"Dear Mindy,

Thanks again for the session. I'm doing a little better. The session was a huge validation of the messages I have been receiving and a confirmation that yes I am being taken to a ship for healing because I've had that sensation before. Neat work that you do, thank you for sharing it with me."

 C – Orange County



"Dear Mindy,

I loved your explanation of each person writing their own book.  How true that is.  And honestly since the regression, as I told you, I feel differently.  I truly believe that weight was lifted from my shoulders.  That guilt and responsibility I have been carrying for all those years.

 I also feel some way more at peace with myself.  I think letting this go was a big step for me in moving forward.  I guess thousands of years - time to let it go. LOL

I feel as though a weight has been lifted from me.  I feel a peace that I didn't feel before.  I believe that "guilt trip" if you want to call it that and my feeling of being responsible for everything was affecting me much, much more than I realized.  I think that was important to be removed in moving forward.  Evidently that's been around for thousands of years. (smile)"

MM Orange County


"Last week I had a QHHT session with Mindy and I just want to tell anyone who is interested that this was probably the best decision I have ever made.  It really should be the first thing everyone does when they get here before they keep repeating the same patterns and challenges in their lives over and over again without understanding why.  I was able to find out about the past lives that were most affecting me now and understand what my lessons I came here to learn are so I could progress which has helped so much.   I am now truly engaging my lessons and not feeling so frustrated by my past and the challenges I have faced.  It just is all so much clearer and more enjoyable from this perspective.  Plus it is very reassuring to know that you have had past lives and will also have future lives and not to hang on so tightly while you are here but to fully embrace and appreciate the experience.  When my past lives were revealed to me I was flooded with emotion and was able to release some of those emotional blockages that were holding me back.  We also worked on my energy system and were able to get everything back in alignment which instantly made me feel much better.  Mindy is an expert at this as far as I can tell as it went off without a hitch and she was just wonderful to work with and a very warm and insightful person and the whole experience was an absolute pleasure and I felt safe and comfortable at all times.  I look forward to doing this again in the near future to gain more insights.  I have also been telling all of my friends and family about QHHT and would not hesitate to recommend this process or Mindy to anyone I know.  Thanks so much!"

 Jason B - Orange County


"Hi Mindy!

 I am trusting my inner voice more now... even if the impressions that I am getting seem a little difficult for my mind to comprehend! That was something that I had always struggled with... I see just how intuitive I have been my whole life and am now grateful for it, instead of cursing my ability to deeply feel and know things...

I no longer feel as much fear. I actually feel very fearless! Whereas before on top of being overly cautious and fearful, I now just experience myself as being cautious as I move around on this planet... Very careful with what I think about and the company that I keep..."

Love, hugs & kisses from Australia!



Testimonial For Aiya Energy Healing


Long distance/remote Healing from Mindy May 28th 2013.

May 27th 2013 I had extreme intestinal pain, diahrea, fatigue and slight depression.

May 28th 2013, Mindy sent healing to me. 
I set my intent to receive, grounded and opened.

1. Peace washed over me.
2. Energy movement in heart chakra, very strong.
3. Quickening, a pulse in all my cells. I could feel all my cells moving, strongest in palms of hands
and soles of feet.
4. Diahrea stopped.
5. It took a day to recoup my energy from fatigue.
6. Depression lifted.
7. Life force extremely strong, especially in the first part of the day.
8. Very deep, restful sleep, deeper than I have ever experienced.
9. Seasonal allergies improved, no chronic coughing, of which I have had for over 40 years.
10.Dry eye syndrome (my eyes burn less).
11. Dreams very vivid.
12. All body processes are improved as a result of Mindy's healing.

                      THANK YOU MINDY!


The Aiya Activation Long Distance Remote Healing

"My dear Mindy,

first ,,, last night after messaging you, I went to sleep and suddenly a really sharp pain started in my stomach and chest!! I was observing it to the point that got stronger. The sleep was different!

I am on a strong spiritual path and this afternoon I was receiving very strong waves in my body!! To mention that I have or maybe had :) a cyst in my brain!! not sure if is still there though!!!!  but working with awareness and energy on it!!

Your energy definitely has been reaching me from inside and out side today !! I am still typing to you and strongly feel the waves!! also shiver all over my body!! even now still!!

Thank you so much for being you and your care

Light and so much love sending from my heart to you♥"


Long Distance Remote Healing

"Hello dear Mindy,

I want to thank you again for the amazing energy you sent me. I feel different since then!

Grateful for you

♥ Love and light to you in return♥"