Quantum Dreams match Quantum Sessions!


Another excerpt from Quantum Odyssey the book.

This was a profound dream I had about five months prior to learning of a fellow practitioner in England had a client in session talking about the upcoming Earth changes. My dream and his QHH session were virtually the exact same imagery! I felt it important to explore as a part of the book and how it might relate to the coming Shift and New Earth. The answers were nothing less than extraordinary!


 Visions of the Earth and Sky Breaking Into Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces


M is QHH interviewer/ Mindy and G is the respondent/client 

M: You had mentioned that we would be receiving dreams with relevant information pertaining to these sessions. Another QHH practitioner in England had a client during a session mention the coming earth changes. He saw the Earth being broken into jigsaw puzzle pieces as part of these coming Earth changes. I had a dream where I saw the sky broken into these same jigsaw puzzle pieces. Where the sky in the middle of the day broke apart to reveal a black star lit sky and the blue sky of day floated about on this night sky as jigsaw puzzle pieces. The birds flew in and out, back and forth through the blue sky puzzle pieces and the night sky. That I knew to be a sign that it wasn’t destructive or cataclysmic in nature because if so the birds would probably be the first to go. I was trying to get the people around me to look up and take notice but everybody’s heads were down and preoccupied. This too was a message from our daily lives where people don’t look up any more when they are outdoors. They walk looking down, they sit looking down, and even when they are with one another they talk to each other looking down! It’s everywhere! All mesmerized and distracted by their devices!

 It was such an odd yet vivid dream and I was astonished to read that a gentleman in England had this same vision from a different perspective of things to come in his QHH session. Is there information as to what we both were witnessing?

G: Two things to be aware of. One, being in that seeing pieces of a world behind your world, pieces of a world of color and vibrant behind a dark monochromatic expression speaks to a certain character of reality, that sparks to the idea that there’s a world, flashes, pieces or glimpses of a world behind the hum drum mundane world that you exhibit. Sometimes you are privileged to see those pieces and with those pieces you might have the opportunity to construct a portion of a newer more vibrant world.

In the case of a world that is not flat pieces of puzzles or a plane but more of a sphere. Seeing things in pieces of puzzles of that way speaks on the one hand of the complexity of building a world where all the pieces fit and at the same time reminds you that a world that can be built! That you can have something that seems to be made of many different pieces but really is made of one thing. All of those component pieces are part of the one, are all part of the whole and eventually indistinguishable from it. There are many other valid interpretations of this message that was revealed but we are thinking that these two particular interpretations will be of the most help to the persons requesting.


Part Two  Archangel Metatron providing the answers

In this segment out of curiosity I asked if we could make contact and speak with AA Metatron. Metatron had announced that he was part of the source of he information we were bringing forth for humanity during the first segment of the book research. Metatron is known to be the keeper of the Akashic records and God's scribe, second only to God as the throne beside God.

Metatron came in to answer questions in this second session with her. The temperature in my office went up by 6 degrees and 4% humidity ( I track these things as I have noticed these fluxuations during my sessions) The energy and presence was so strong I could barely keep my eyes open, in fact I had them closed more often than not. I felt as if I was under hypnosis myself!

It was beyond powerful and awe-inspiring!

M is Mindy/interviewer  E is respondent/client

M: …about the dream I had is where I saw the day sky shatter apart and became jigsaw puzzle pieces of blue sky with white clouds suspended and floating about on a night sky with stars. The birds were flying into and out of these day sky pieces to the night sky. I knew as I watched this that it wasn't catastrophic because the birds were just going with the flow and immediately adapting unharmed and unphased by it.

 E: Yes, there is going to be a restructuring of your Earth. However it is not to be feared. This Earth that you now call home is not operating as it was intended to operate. So for you it would seem that in actuality the puzzle is being broken a part but in actuality the puzzle is being put back together. The pieces are not in the correct order at this present time. And there is a time coming when the pieces will be put back together in the right order.

This is a prophetic dream that you have had. This is prophecy. This is your awareness connecting to the one mind. This is you being what we might call being tapped in. This is so you will not be afraid.

I would like to remind you that this information is for you because you are a leader and there will be people who come to you for information and not just for information but for a sense of security. I ask that you use this information wisely. There will be some who are not ready for this information and there will be some that are. I encourage you to use your discernment.

You will begin to have many more dreams as will many others who are tuned in, as we may call it. The dreams will prepare you for the shift that is coming and that is happening now. There is what is called a metamorphosis happening, and in that metamorphosis you will have many dreams. You will have lucid dreaming. This is part of connecting to the one mind. I know there are many times the talk of writing the book… please be aware of what you write and how you disclose it and who the information is distributed to.

M:  Yes, I understand. Can you expand on that a little more and give advice how this information should be presented?

E: There will be leaders who come to you. When I say leaders I am not talking about the president of the United States or leaders like that. I am talking about other leaders who you might say are light workers that will know how to digest and prepare with this information. That is a good place to start. There will be some dreams that you will have that I advise not to put in the book. You will know which ones they are.

There will be those that you will be able to share feely with. As the information comes in there are those things that are only for you and there are those things that are to be shared.

Do you understand?

M: Yes, I understand.