Awakening WITHIN

Hi Everyone!
I am really enjoying reading everyone's insights and experiences here as we experience
The Shift and Awakening.
One thing that I think is so important to point out and this "event" of awakening is just
that. It is an AWAKENING that takes place WITHIN ourseleves not outside of ourselves!
For those I read here and many other sites..."I'll believe when I SEE's probably
never going to happen..,..just more new age nonsense... March came and went and once again Nothing happened!" etc.
I do understand wanting to experience a miraculous transformation for ourselves and our planet that are in turmoil and weary of the status quo that has been in place for so long.
However...The change/The Awakening/The Shift is taking place INSIDE of us! While it may come
with a flash of blue light or what have you, we need to go within ourselves mentally,
physically and spiritually to sense this, to realize AWAKEN. This is a SPIRITUAL awakening of YOUR spirit.
It is not incumbent on everyone around you to wake you or anybody else up. 
Everyone awakens in their own way and own time whether it be from ones nightly
slumber or the perpetual slumber in our waking moments.
That's why received information from QHH and other metaphysical modalities abounds with
messages of...get in your body..meditate..purify your diet..drink more water, as water
conducts electricity! This will allow the conduction the higher frequencies within us, this will allow for us to be in tune and aware of the shift taking place on the planet.
This is so we can be aware of a new reality versus waiting to be told there is a new one.
We need to stop looking for outside events/groups/gurus/mainstream media in order to
witness evolution of the spirit. The excerpt from my research sessions is shared with the
intent of providing introspection ones self and how they might be experiencing this time
frame mentally, physically, spiritually.
It is not to mark the calendar, sit back and wait for that date and expect the world and
everyone around you to be suddenly transformed.
As each one of us realizes our own evolution we then pass it on through our actions of
awareness and help awaken those still in slumber or fear. This IS how transformation will take place on Earth.
The reported perspective of the shift of awakening taking place in March 2013 was indicated as a beginning point of the light transformation where people would greatly be aware of a transformation taking place. Transormation is a process not a one day end all be all event and not everyone will be transformed and "aware" all at the same time.
Like 12/21/12, I as many others felt a tremendous energy coming in. My 6th chakra/third eye felt as if it was spinning and physically I felt kind of overwhelmed by the intense energy. I never did believe that the world so going to end on this day yet I did believe there would be a shift of some sort. Many people recognised a difference in the energy field around them yet many were outraged because "nothing happened".
Any and all of these events of Awakening and The Shift have been taking place well over the last 20 yrs but are intensifying in this time period. If it happened all at once to us, it is theorised that it would most would not survive such an instant and radical shift in frequency and their perception of "reality".
It has been coming in in doses to gradually prime our mind, body and spirit from greater transformation to come.
It's been wonderful receiving email from people all over the world as my blog/excerpt
was shared on over 400 blogs world wide. So far it has been translated into Korean, Italian, Czech, Portugese, German and people are visting this blog and reposting it all over the entire globe!
People are reporting seeing blue light in their meditations, during healing work over their clients and in the room, while diving inremote areas seeing this blue light over the water, many many people reporting feeling an extreme radiant warmth over their face and head while the body remains cool at all
times of day and night. So many people are reporting back to me seeing everything in their field of vision morphing...from waving lines and shaking to objects disappearing and reappearing as quickly as they can turn around. Many are also reporting tremendous pressure in their heads especially in the center crown chakra and the third eye 6th chakra area accompanied with tingling sensation like effervescence.
Many people reported the energy in March 2013 was so intense they thought they were going to come out of their skin!
I have personally experienced all of the above, it was so exciting to read people all over our planet were having the same expereinces at the same time!
It is a process each of us experiences on our own and unique to the individual. The excerpt even states that not everyone will be aware of this light energy at the same time...its not the flip of a light
switch DING sudden enlightenment, sudden transformation without the work, awareness and introspection and allowing yourself to recognize something different.
Action activates the Law of Attraction. Be the change you are seeking! Change starts with one, WITHIN one!
It is only through this that we will see an evolutionary leap of consciousness take place and our world transformed!
Blessings to all!