Depression, suicidal thoughts? Free Healing!

Tis the be Merry, of mirth, peace & joy.... and unfortunately depression and suicide. A combination of factors contribute to high rates of depression and suicide in the holiday and winter season. From S.A.D., Seasonal Affect Disorder; lack of sunlight literally affects the chemicals released in our brains that result in feeling depressed and mood swings, to loss of loved ones or no family to financial pressure during this season of expected "giving".
Most importantly is lack of access to help and resources or alternatives to being medicated. Fact is that there is a great spiritual issue taking place that needs to be addressed. This is a mind, body AND spirit issue without a doubt!

I have been strongly guided to reach out and in the spirit of this season of giving I am offering assistance with Aiya Light Energy at no charge to anyone who finds themselves or friends and loved ones depressed and or having suicidal thoughts. This energy will be sent to activate light, raise frequency, activating heart healing, remove negative energies and restore optimism & peace of mind.

I work with a quantum based light energy called The Aiya Activation and as such can send light energy to anyone anywhere in the world as this energy knows no time or space. You can learn more about it at

Just go to link below and fill out form. Be sure to include where you are located... city, state, country with first name, middle initial and last name of you or the recipient. I then will email you directions in PDF on how to receive healing energy.
All information is 100% private and confidential and never shared! I simply need to know to whom the energy is going in order to activate the quantum connection.