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Pendulum Quantum Dowsing 101 Webinar

Pendulum 101

Learn the principles of radionics and working with a pendulum. Find the answers you seek and how to read the information field of the universal records and Akashic records.
Programming your pendulum, centering your energy & intent, how to determine percentages & probabilities versus just yes/no answers and much more!


Energy exchange of $20

Webinar sign-up details TBA 

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to Aug 10

Best of Shasta 2014 Mount Shasta

Mindy Mitchell of Quantum Odyssey

Presenting The Aiya Activation
For The Best of Shasta

It is a divinely inspired and divinely delivered new metaphysical light healing modality! It is
a metaphysical energy activation that aligns the mind, body and spirit virtually immediately
and permanently!
Using light codes, sound code frequencies and Christ Consciousness ancient lost knowledge
it activates dormant DNA, repairs & heals the body and expands the consciousness &
awareness, raises each individuals frequency and vibration...to harness the full potential,
power and healing of the mind, body and spirit!
It was divinely delivered to Mindy over a three year period in prophetic dreams and
meditations and then in a series of energy transmissions virtually every day over the period
of three months. Many of the messages have come in symbols and in over nine different
languages to date of which the majority is in Hebrew, Sanskrit and Latin!
The Aiya Energy Activation is an incredible energy that has been shown to activate cellular
renewal, activate dormant DNA, activate and enhance ESP, repair damaged DNA, repair
cartilage, restore range of motion of arthritic joints, clear etheric attachments, alleviate
depression, returns the vital life force energy and restores the body’s ability to heal itself
and much more!
There is also a very high frequency energy download contained in The Aiya Energy
Activation. This locks in the gears of the mind, body and spirit complexes increases the
individuals frequency which in turn expands one’s ability to tap into their greatest personal
potential. A realization and expansion of consciousness takes place in order to reach the
ultimate awareness and connection with Source/God/Universe!
 What follows is nothing less than extraordinary! It allows one to take command and have
mastership of their lives mentally, physically and spiritually. The balance and proper flow of
vital life force energy is restored and healing of the Mind, Body and Spirit takes place!
Once in total alignment individuals report an immediate sense of relaxation and calm in the
physical and mental body as well as feeling surges of energy activation throughout the body
and immediate relief of aches and pains, mobility restored to injured or arthritic joints!
Many have experienced profound acceleration of ESP skills and a multidimensional
awareness never experienced before!
There is a true realization as to the unlimited greater potential that lies within one’s Mind,
Body and Spirit, a realization of a greater connection to all that is and so much more!
Audience members will be able to directly experience the divine transmission of The Aiya
Activation's light codes and sound codes to raise ones frequency and download of Christ

Visit the booth to experience The Aiya Elixirs and vibrational custom designed pendulums,  Receive free assesment of your auric energy field!

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to May 11

Wesak Festival Mount Shasta 2014

Mindy Mitchell of Quantum Odyssey at Wesak presenting The Aiya Elixirs and free energy assessment reading

What is the Wesak Festival?

Human beings operate in so many realms, above and beyond the miraculous but relatively mundane physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. But what is it that connects us, what are the virtues and substance of our true natures, as individual "consciousnesses" and as the infinite, magical, mystery of which we are all part? And as our world changes, as time seems to speed up, as our minds and bodies and technologies evolve, what remains true and essential? Has this changed? Surely our relationship to it has, as we grow in awareness. With so much changing so fast, how do we stay attuned and aligned to live our part consciously, both personally and universally?

Mount Shasta's Wesak festival is a "spiritual family reunion" begun, in what some consider one of the holiest places on this earth, by the late Dr. Joshua Stone and now under the direction of Dawn Fazende (editor of Mount Shasta Magazine).

Wesak is named for the legendary convergence of Buddha, Christ and other Masters in the hallowed Wesak Valley in the Himalayas during the Buddha full moon occurring in May each year. The convergence is celebrated variously in cultures throughout the world, including annual pilgrimages to the original site. The Mount Shasta Wesak Festival, however, is an event whose scope extends far beyond the Buddhist holiday with whom many associate the term Wesak.

As one of the seven sacred mountains in the world, Mount Shasta is uniquely suited for this annual North American Pilgrimage. The very atmosphere here is charged with powerful energetic currents and a profoundly restorative silence. The mountain is considered alternately as the Heart Chakra or the Head Chakra of the planet. The I AM Activity, a religion based on instructions dictated by St. Germain in the 1930s on Mt. Shasta, states that this is the place where Christ energy enters the planetary grid.

Local Native Americans believe Mt. Shasta is where God lives and Creation began. Many believe there is a city under the mountain and that Mt. Shasta is a portal between dimensions. It is said that the lenticular clouds so frequently seen here are generated when a vehicle moves between dimensions. Tibetan Buddhists, who are building a monastery here, have 28 specific criteria a mountain must meet to be called sacred. Mt. Shasta is the only one in the USA that meets all 28. People have been drawn to be present with Mt. Shasta's pristine and beautiful natural environment for years. They come to renew their souls and spirits and, at Wesak, to hear the best teachers available anywhere who assist with their personal development.

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to Oct 28

Group Past Life Regression Featuring Dolores Cannon's QHHT

  • Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore (map)
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Group Past Life Regression QHHT Presentation

Mindy Mitchell of Quantum Odyssey Holistic Healing Center 

will be facilitating a group past life regression featuring

Dolores Cannon's method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and introduction

of The Aiya Activation! Everyone will get to sample The Aiya Activation!


Learn more about Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy at this exciting, informative and interactive workshop! I the first hour Mindy Mitchell will facilitate a group past life regression where everyone will have the opportunity to experience a past life regression and meet their spirit guides & guardian angels!

In the second hour Mindy & Linda will introduce the brand new and exciting metaphysical healing modality The Aiya Activation & Quantum Energy Channeling!

 Everyone will receive a Holly Light language blessing and sample The Aiya Activation !

This transcends all religions and cultures and ALL other healing modalities! Bring an open mind and Be prepared to have an AWE inspiring experience!

Bring a notebook and pen!

$33 per person. Seating is limited, reserve your seat now!

If you would like to be informed by email of this and other upcoming events like this please sign-up for newsletter and offers at the side of the page!


Join Us at Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore  Laguna Hills, CA.

Sunday October 27th, 2013  11:30-1:30pm

For more information to here!

$33 with Paypal now or cash at the door.




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